soul siphon

“Hold still, Pharaoh,” Kashif said. The man had tears streaming down his face, his beard wet with them. “We’re not doing this like we did with Vehemence. You need the rest of your soul.” Asim’s vision swam but he managed to make out the faces surrounding him—Aziza and Akira and Ridley, crowding around him while … Continue reading soul siphon


an ending

By the time I recognized where he had brought me, the sun had set fully and we were walking through the dark woods. I chuckled as we passed the tract of burned forest where I had first exercised the power granted me by the fog people. I recognized something in my heart, as Nosturi continued, … Continue reading an ending


“Pharaoh.” His mind resisted, trying to remain in its comfortable dream of riding a horse across the dunes of northern Mait, Bellwether stepping along gamely beside him. All of his dreams on board the ship included riding a horse, even when it didn’t make sense—because the constant motion of the vessel, even once he’d grown … Continue reading aftermath


Cam sat on the crest of the hill and kept tired watch. In the undergrowth a few feet away, Eden slept curled around Morgenroth. He listened to them shift in their sleep and felt a sort of drowsy tranquility he hadn’t thought himself capable of. A couple hours ago, he’d heard Barlowe leave—and an hour … Continue reading puppet


Two years before the inevitable occurred, Ty woke up one night and found Sean’s place in the bed beside him empty. It took his sleeping mind a moment to wake up enough to also identify the sound—a soft inhalation from the master bathroom. He sat up. “Sean?” The quiet sounds from the bathroom stopped abruptly. … Continue reading Altruism


More of Cam/this world: the river, camaraderie, Listen, my son -- Your eyes meet mine. I can see your mother’s fire glittering there and I know you won’t hesitate before you pull the trigger. You see, your mom has fire but she also has compassion—deep and rich, something you hardly find in people these days, … Continue reading father/son