chosen one

8/29: "I want to believe he's the chosen one" -- Jack likes to think that he's the chosen one, but I'm not sure he knows the rest of the gods hope he is, as well. I can never discern how much of his pompous flair comes from deep vanity and how much comes from his … Continue reading chosen one


the immortal and the witch

written a few days ago but hadn't typed it up before today. i think the prompt for this was "the immortal fell//into this mortal hell" but it sort of took a dire twist from my image for that awesome prompt (from this song) so I'll probably use it again. -- “You call yourself the Immortal?” … Continue reading the immortal and the witch

tower pt 2

could i have waited until tomorrow to post the second part? i mean probably. again, trigger warning for suicidal imagery/self harm etc - He returns at night, more and more exhausted and battered each time. “What are you fighting?” I ask him one night when he climbs the stairs, unlocks the door (and then locks … Continue reading tower pt 2

tower pt 1

8/27: inspired by this song (Tower by Avatar). honestly that song makes me feel horrible and i've been feeling horrible lately anyway so this was sort of an emotion-purge of all the suffocating decay festering inside of me lately. turned out long so i'm breaking it up into two parts because i'm an adult who … Continue reading tower pt 1


depression is a hell of a thing 8/20: the prompt for today was me sitting outside and it felt like autumn. this is nothing I'm just going through that thing where I'm trying to convince myself I still know how to put words into a sentence. - "It's cold outside for the first time," Till … Continue reading winter