die in winter

When he’d been young, his grandmother had told him the world died in winter. Meridian felt it now—standing on the steps of the broken cathedral, with the wind screaming against the stone, with the snow battering his exposed skin with a force that felt physical but should not have been. He felt the tired bones … Continue reading die in winter


truth or dare

Midsummer heat baked down onto the open market, although the sun had hours ago been swallowed by a bank of fearsome black clouds. The colors of the marketplace lost their saturation to the grim, strained light, and I drifted through the stalls with Ruth’s cloth bag slung over my shoulder, wending the familiar path to … Continue reading truth or dare

magic dance

Chaparral’s gym had transformed into a glittering palace—the theme was “Magic Dance,” and Mitchell found himself surprised that the student council had actually selected a theme from a movie he’d enjoyed. Panels of false brick lined the walls, vines strewn across them. A fog machine pumped a steady mist through the gym, the twinkling golden … Continue reading magic dance

like a ghost

What did they say?—if you love someone, let them go. Something about them returning that Meridian couldn’t remember, right now, as he put his first two fingers together in front of Omega’s eyes, again. A test he’d devised that gave him the same results, day after day. Another platitude occurred to him—that insanity was doing … Continue reading like a ghost


“Jack,” Roland said. “Would you kill me?” We had not known one another for long, but it struck me as the kind of question this girl did not ask lightly. Perhaps she knew from the stories about me that it would not, in fact, be terribly farfetched for Jack Immortal to kill someone just because … Continue reading resolution

severed ties

Alistair stood there, his hands clasped behind his back, staring out the single window. When the door opened, the magister looked backwards over his shoulder. His hair looked whiter than it had—the lines in his face had deepened. There was something in his eyes behind the usual paranoia—a sort of deeper madness that unnerved Sam. … Continue reading severed ties