lonely nights

Oliver watched his friend sleep and thought how easy, how companionable, it had once been to travel with her. There had been nights where neither of them had slept, sitting on remote hillsides beneath the stars, laughing until there were tears in their eyes. There had been nights where neither of them had slept because … Continue reading lonely nights



Two years before the inevitable occurred, Ty woke up one night and found Sean’s place in the bed beside him empty. It took his sleeping mind a moment to wake up enough to also identify the sound—a soft inhalation from the master bathroom. He sat up. “Sean?” The quiet sounds from the bathroom stopped abruptly. … Continue reading Altruism


More of Cam/this world: the river, camaraderie, Listen, my son -- Your eyes meet mine. I can see your mother’s fire glittering there and I know you won’t hesitate before you pull the trigger. You see, your mom has fire but she also has compassion—deep and rich, something you hardly find in people these days, … Continue reading father/son

the Saoshyant

from my NaNoWriMo novel this year. More from this world (before the actual story had been developed): barren land --- “When we conducted the ritual in the desert, it allowed the Saoshyant to speak to me directly,” he said. His voice quavered and he swallowed hard, surprising himself at how much the interaction still affected … Continue reading the Saoshyant


She’d given him a name. Perhaps it could be argued she’d also given him his freedom, but Aegis saw no use for the thing, so he didn’t consider it a boon of knowing her. He didn’t know how to use the name, either. It carried a strange flavor in the back of his throat. So … Continue reading 0103

barren land

novel concept came about from this song -- It felt wrong, touching the gilded throne. Asim draped his fingers over the delicate metalwork, narrowing his eyes at the glitter of halite studding the seat’s stone. Things so achingly familiar to behold, that fit so perfectly into the framework of his life, that it made his … Continue reading barren land